Learning Keys

Interest Observation Concentration

Every Teacher asks students to learn properly, read properly, write properly, do the the things properly but very few teachers say “How” to learn properly, read properly etc….

So, I have a Magical Key for Better and Best Learning. If you want to learn the best apply the THESE MAGICAL KEYS. They are


  • I stands for INTEREST
  • O stands for OBSERVATION
  • C stands for CONCENTRATION.

If a student starts learning any subject by applying these formulae while studying, he can be the best in his  subject.

Most of the students will not be aware of applying these basic things while studying. So they fail in doing the things. If a student shows INTEREST, OBSERVES the things carefully and CONCENTRATES then definitely he can do miracles in his field.

Here, I remember I quote of SwamiVivekanand, “If you can control yourself, You can control the whole world. The meaning here is,

INTEREST means HEART (feeling)




If a child is able to control hi heart (feeling), eyes (diversion from the task) and mind, he can become anything and everything as the time passes.


Let me narrate a situation :


An IAS officer goes to movie with his native friend who is illiterate. They both enter the theatre and start to watch the movie. The IAS officer and his friend both enjoy the movie and UNDERSTAND the story. The reason is they both used the MAGIC KEYS OF LEARNING.

They were interested in watching movie.

They were OBSERVING the things keenly and

They concentrated while learning.


Field may be any field but the MAGIC KEYS of learning that I O C. If it is applied any body can be successful.


Hope so you all agree with these basic rules of learning and also apply it while your are learning.